About Dr. Jon Dabach

Dr. Jon Dabach boasts an illustrious career spanning over a decade, dedicated to the profound transformation of couples’ lives. As an ordained rabbi, Dr. Dabach initially immersed himself in guiding couples through sacred unions and spiritual leadership within diverse communities in the vibrant landscape of Los Angeles.

Recognizing the imperative for rigorously grounded methodologies in his therapeutic endeavors, Dr. Dabach pursued extensive training in esteemed modalities such as the Gottman Method, Imago, and Emotionally Focused Theory. These specialized certifications imbue his practice with a rich clinical foundation, elevating the effectiveness of his interventions and enhancing the outcomes for the couples he serves.

In addition to his remarkable hands-on contributions, Dr. Jon Dabach is the esteemed host of the critically acclaimed podcast, Relationship Revival. His expertise extends to crafting insightful short-form content, further solidifying his authority in the field. Dr. Dabach commands a substantial online presence, engaging with an audience exceeding 100,000 followers on Facebook, testament to the impact and relevance of his work.

Dr. Dabach holds a master’s degree in Theology from the esteemed Jerusalem Theological Seminary, complemented by a distinguished PhD in Interpersonal Counseling from the Esoteric Theological Seminary. This academic background underscores the depth of his understanding and proficiency in guiding couples towards enduring and fulfilling relationships. Dr. Jon Dabach stands as a paragon of excellence in the realm of couples therapy, seamlessly blending spiritual wisdom with clinical acumen to effect profound positive change in the lives of those he serves.