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Hear From My Past Students

Finally Connecting with my Partner

After years of struggling with her relationships, Nicole has finally gotten to a place where she feels like she and her partners are a team.

A Harmonious Home

Kenny was having a really hard time living under the same roof with his girlfriend after they moved in together. The experience of working together for him was “life-changing”

Saved My Family

Jlynne had been married for many years but the resentment between her and her husband had grown significant over the years. The program saved her family from a bitter divorce that she said was inevitable without help.

Saved our Engagement from exploding

Kat and her partner were facing a serious amount of tension as soon as they got engaged. Working together through the program, they were able to negotiate the complications of new in-laws and make it to the alter in a state of happiness again.

Got me out of a toxic relationship

Jessica was in a seriously dangerous relationship and even though the program showed her that it wasn’t healthy for her to stick around, she got the confidence she needed to know what to look for in a new partner and is now engaged to the man of her dreams.

Finally the husband I want to be

Jericho was having a hard time finding the confidence to be as assertive in his relationship as he wanted to be. With the right exercises and work together, Jericho found his confidence again and became the husband he wanted to always be and his wife is super excited about their new dynamic.

Helped me enjoy my relationship again

Sylvia was struggling to get things back on track with her husband after having kids. Working together helped her figure out how to make time for her relationship and make it a priority in ways she didn’t realize were possible.

Got that Honeymoon Phase Back

Christen knew she could get so much more out of her relationship and was really hitting a wall when she was trying to get there on her own. After working with Jon, Christen broke past the barriers that were stopping her from having that dream relationship that she knew was possible.