Rates, Insurance, and Sliding Scale


Jon’s current rate for sessions is $300 for a 50-minute session. 

In addition to weekly counseling sessions, Jon also offers unlimited email, SMS and phone access. The ability to reach out multiple times a week and get a fast response and occasional short calls have proven to be a game-changer for many clients. This concierge level of counseling is included in the price of your sessions.

Finally, if you are interested in working with Jon on a long-term basis there are 3 and 6-month packages available at a discounted rate. In order to qualify, however, you will need to schedule a phone call with Jon directly as not every candidate is appropriate or even require such long-term engagements in order to achieve their goals.


Unfortunately, Jon does not work with insurance of any kind. It is important to understand that working with Jon in any way is an out-of-pocket investment and while an invoice can be provided at your request, it is not a superbill.

If you are looking for a provider who can work within your insurance network or provide you with a superbill then working with Jon will not be a viable option for you.

Sliding Scale

In an effort to make his services available to the largest amount of people possible, Jon does offer a sliding scale on occasion to those with a real financial need. If you are in a position where Jon’s normal rate is just not possible there may be options for you to explore with Jon. The first step would be to schedule a discovery call with Jon to see if it’s a good match regardless of finances.