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A Quick Introduction and Hello

Jon Dabach, Ph.D.

Jon’s philosophy is that most people are never taught how to be a good partner. There is simply an assumption that love and relationships should be involuntary. While having a great relationship doesn’t have to be hard and can be incredibly simple, it does take a conscious effort to make it work. Jon’s approach is to teach his clients the building blocks of what makes a relationship work and point out the areas where his clients are missing opportunities to connect with their partner.

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Schedule a time that is convenient for you to spend 15-20 minutes with Jon on the phone


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If you and Jon feel like a good fit, you will discuss working together moving forward

Services Tailored to You

The perfect relationship is within your reach

Relationship Counseling

Through a series of insightful conversations and thoughtful guidance, Jon examines each relationship carefully and strives to provide each client with the tools they need to more deeply connect on an emotional level.

Marriage and Couples Counseling

When there is an emphasis on being generous and focusing on your own contributions to the relationship, there can be a rapid transformation it has been the best approach Jon has found in over a decade of experience.

Pre-Marital Counseling

Pre-marital counseling is something Jon wishes more people would consider utilizing before tying the knot. Having a few sessions where long-term issues are brought up before walking down the aisle can often save a couple from years of heartache and internal turmoil.

Jon’s Relationship Philosophy

Why Work With Me?

Discover that relationships can be simple and fun.

Are you struggling to connect with your partner? Does it seem like you have the same arguments over and over again? Does it often feel like you and your partner are more like roommates?

  • Gain a deep understanding of why you fight

  • Create rapid, lasting transformation

  • Learn to focus on positive communication and conflict resolution

  • Get unlimited text and email support from Jon

  • 20+ Five Star Reviews


Hear What Former Clients and Students Have to Say About Working with Jon

We went from barely talking to each other to growing our friendship again. I can’t thank Jon enough for his guidance and support and recommend him to anyone in a difficult relationship.

Jon is unbelievable! I’ve been to four different therapists over six years and none really helped all that much. After just four weeks with Jon my relationship is showing signs of life that I thought were long gone. Working with him was the best choice I’ve ever made.

Holy crap is Jon sharp! He was able to understand our relationship in minutes and exactly where the problems were and how to fix them. He’s like a savant in marriage counseling.

Finally Connecting with my Partner

After years of struggling with her relationships, Nicole has finally gotten to a place where she feels like she and her partners are a team.

Talk To A Relationship Counsellor Today.

Jon Dabach’s approach is to give you the tools you need to become a relationship expert yourself so that you can see the problems in your own relationships and have 100% confidence in how to solve them.

To give you even more peach of mind, if you don’t want to move forward at the end of the first session, we will refund the first session.


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