Session Agreement and Clarity

By filling out the form below you are agreeing to the following terms. Please read them carefully and get in touch with Jon Dabach directly at with any questions before completing the form.

Terms of Payment & Services:

For each session fee of $250 Dr. Jon will provide:

1. A 50-minute session to be done virtually over zoom unless otherwise discussed in advance. These sessions are at the client’s discretion although they are usually suggested to be had weekly.

2. Unlimited email support is available for 7 days following any session and will be replied to in a timely manner. You are encouraged to use this as often as you like to clarify any questions or concerns between sessions.

3. SMS support to Jon’s direct line (213-259-3613).

4. Emergency 10-15 minute calls are available as needed as long as they don’t get out of hand Jon is happy to squeeze in short calls for you as long as they don’t get too frequent. The best way to request one is simple to text or email Jon that you would like to speak on the phone.

Important: any cancellation of an appointment not made with more than 24 hours notice is subject to a cancellation fee of $200.

Please note that Jon Dabach has a Ph.D. in transpersonal counseling, is a certified life coach, and an ordained rabbi. While Jon has over a decade of experience working with couples he is not a licensed psychologist and all services rendered fall under the umbrella of pastoral counseling and/or coaching. Nothing said during sessions should ever be considered medical advice. While guidance and suggestions are made throughout working with Jon, you are still responsible for any and all actions you take as a result of working with Jon Dabach.

Even though Jon’s success rates with his clients are exceedingly high it is essential to understand that every relationship is different and you have to do your share of the work for anything to be effective.