Transform your marriage to the one you’ve always wanted

Stop struggling to breathe life into your marriage and reignight the spark you once had. Learn how to make real, transformative change that you can carry with you for decades FAST!

Experience Passion Again • Be Excited to Spend Time With Each Other • Improve Trust and Intimacy

Do You Feel More Like Roommates Instead of Best Friends and Lovers?

Most people never get to live the marriage of their dreams.

We get sidelined by a honeymoon phase that seems to disappear as soon as we’re done saying “I do.” Routines take over and the passion seems to get sucked out of what was once a dream.

Inevitably, people forget the magic that they once shared with their spouse. It’s not your fault, really, it’s beyond rare that anyone is trained for what a marriage really requires of you.

What Jon has done is tap into the core of why marriage counseling fails, why marriages fall apart, and how to them FAST.

Using Jon’s approach to healing a relationship, passion starts to reappear in couples in weeks, not months or years and the momentum that builds only grows over time instead of being a temporary band-aid on your bigger problems.

If anyone has ever told you that marriage takes “hard work” you’ve essentially been programmed to look at your marriage as just another chore for you to stick on your to do list. Who wants that?!

Marriage should be fun and supportive. Your marriage should be the most stable, easiest thing in your life. Your marriage can be the one thing that you always know is there for you no matter what else in life is thrown your way.

You can avoid the decline of your relationship where you just lead parallel lives under one roof. You can learn to embrace each other again with warmth and excitement. You can make your marriage the shining light that brings you joy in ways nothing else can.

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Is Your Marriage a Source of Pain and Confusion? Do You Have…

  • Trust Issues in your relationship?
  • Struggles to connect with your partner?
  • A difficulty getting over the past?
  • Thoughts of Divorce or Separation?
  • A urning for more from your spouse?
  • Longing for the way things used to be?
  • A desire to heal your marriage?
  • Doubts that therapy actually works?
  • Fears that your marriage is doomed?
  • Need for things to change fast?

I accomplished more with Jon Dabach in 10 weeks than I did in 6 years of couples therapy. Honestly, what I learned was truly life-changing.

Jeannie Wilcomb

Are you ready to learn the three things you need to know to make sure your marriage can get through anything?

A simple, easy to implement strategy to transform your relationship in weeks

3 small steps that allow you to scale the mountain of marriage with ease…

Step 1

Understanding True Love

Understand what love is and what love isn’t is crucial to building a relationship that thrives. 

Step 2

Building Strong Passion

Clear, actionable steps to create passion and support for each other that work like magic.

Step 3

Avoiding Common Pitfalls

Learn the two different types of problems marriages have and how to fix each of them.

Experience the Joy of having a loving, supportive relationship again

We’ll help you take the guesswork out of making your marriage flourish into the beautiful, thriving, relationship that you wish it could be.

Here’s just some of what you’ll experience inside the Program:

  • Why marriage counseling doesn’t work and how it can actually be more harmful to your marriage
  • The steps you need to take to make sure your marriage will only continue to grow in passion over time.
  • One thing you can do that only takes five minutes that can completely change the nature of your realtionship.
  • Understanding the way your spouse communicates so you can avoid fights before they even start
  • How to create a plan and a vision for your marriage that you’re actually excited about and how to make it a reality
  • Understanding the true nature of love and harness it for both you and your partner so it doesn’t slip away
  • Break free from anxiety by gaining clarity on what you can and can’t control in your relationship
  • The five healthy habits all successful couples share and how to adopt them and make them your own

PLUS much more, it doesn’t stop there…

Expect to get answers to any current challenges, fears, frustrations or roadblocks that are standing in your way each day within our Elite Private Community.

How To Get Started Transforming Your Relationship

Meet Your Mentor: Jon Dabach

Jon Dabach is a certified spiritual life coach who has spent over 10 years pouring his heart and soul in to helping people transform the part of their lives that matter the most – their marriage. With an incredible success rate of over 90%, Jon has tapped into the real changes that need to happen to get marriages back on track and full of passion and empathy in just weeks.

One of Jon’s great discoveries is that his techniques work even when only one person in the relationship is willing to put in the work. Understanding the nature of a tumultuous relationship, Jon worked hard to tap into the spiritual realities that make a marriage work and devised teachings that can be used both individually as well as together as a couple.

Jon has a storied history of exploring many worlds. He is a graduate of UCLA, has started multiple seven figure businesses, has performed at the magic castle, sold pilots to major networks and cable outlets, and has written and directed several indepent feature films with name talent. Jon lives with his soul mate who he’s been with since 2010, and his four beautiful children in the Los Angeles area.

Where you’ve seen Jon…


How Long Do I Get Access To The Program Materials For?

You get lifetime access to the Program materials including any future updates that are made to the training, tools and resources.

How Often Are The Coaching Calls?

Coaching calls are held each week and are an open forum for you to get hands on support directly from Jon Dabach to get any questions you have answered. They are recorded, and made available after each session inside the Online Portal.

What Do I Need to Qualify?

The first step is to complete the short survey below for us to understand more about you, where you are coming from and making sure we understand your vision for the perfect marriage. Once complete, you will be redirected to schedule a 20-minute call with one of our Consultants to discuss the Program.

What Training And Support Is Available?

We provide daily support via our community portal and mobile app. Think of it like a better version of a private Facebook Group.

Are There Any Ongoing Costs?

There are no membership fees or additional subscriptions. Your initial investment gives you lifetime access to the program materials and 10 weeks of the online community and group coaching calls.

What is The Process Involved in Changing My Relationship?

You will work with Jon and the group on easy to implement, actionable steps to connect with your partner in deeper, more meaningful ways. There are four different learning techniques that ensure the lessons are embodied by your mind, body and soul and allow you to have the confidence that the changes you make can last a lifetime.

What's Included As Part Of My Enrollment?

You get complete access to the Soul Bonding program, along with 10 weeks support from our online Community and weekly coaching calls.

Rediscover the Honeymoon Phase in Your Relationship and Make it Last for Years This Time Around

Give yourself the gift of knowledge. The knowledge of how to transform your relationship. The knowledge of how to conquer any issue in your marriage. The knowledge of how to grow your love more every single year.

  • Learn the reason most marriage counseling not only fails but speeds up the road to divorce and separation.
  • Uncover the secret to being in a relationship where love only grows with time instead of fading away
  • Experience a life filled with joy and excitement being married to your dream partner all over again.

…PLUS much, much more