Work With Jon

Jon’s Counseling and Coaching Services are listed below. Feel free to read through the differences between the offerings and schedule a free discovery call with Jon should you have any questions about what route is best for you and your situation.

Relationship Counseling

Jon’s first foray into the world of working with people on their relationships remains his favorite mode of therapy. Relationship counseling is a one-on-one process where Jon works directly with a client on their understanding of their own relationship as well as relationships as a whole. This is as much counseling as it is education.

Whether you are in the middle of a bad phase in a marriage or relationship, looking to grow in your current relationship, or trying to get a better understanding of why you always seem to make the same mistakes in various relationships then relationship counseling is for you.

Jon examines the thought process and patterns you have coming into your relationship(s) and reveals what might be missing in your approach to take you from having an average love life to one that becomes the center of your pride and joy.

Marriage and Couples Counseling

When two people are in a position in their relationship where things just aren’t working but both are willing to try outside help to get things back on track, marriage or couples counseling is often one of the first things people recommend trying.

Finding the right couples counselor is a lot like dating. Every counselor has a different approach, a different personality, and a different outlook on when relationships can and cannot work. Jon has heard of couples who have gone to one counseling session only to be turned away because the counselor doesn’t think that there’s anything worth saving. On the other end of the spectrum, Jon has seen clients who have been in marriage therapy for years without seeing significant improvement. Jon considers both extremes of the spectrum as completely inappropriate. There should be a way to save any relationship where parties are open to it and it should never take years to mend a broken relationship or at least repair it to where there’s a clear path to move forward.

Jon’s approach to couples counseling is to teach each party how to become the best possible partner they can become. When there is an emphasis on being generous in the relationship and focusing on your own contributions to the relationship, there can be a rapid transformation in any relationship and it has been the best approach Jon has found in over a decade of experience.

Pre-Marital Counseling

Before getting married, it is often suggested to get on the same page about long-term goals with your partner. Additionally, the stress of planning a wedding and integrating two different families often poses serious emotional challenges on a couple.

Pre-marital counseling is something Jon wishes more people would consider utilizing before tying the knot. Having a few sessions where long-term issues are brought up before walking down the aisle can often save a couple from years of heartache and internal turmoil.

Getting clear on expectations of finances, sex, in-laws, vacations, career goals, communication, and more can mean the difference between a happy marriage and one where the couple finds themselves at the center of constant friction.

Soul-Bonding Technique

Jon’s signature program is the soul-bonding technique. The soul-bonding technique is a 10-week program that involves weekly videos, homework, meditation practice, relationship education, and optional weekly counseling sessions.

Graduates of the soul-bonding technique program have come back years after graduating to tell Jon that the ten weeks they invested in have literally changed their lives permanently in the way they approach every relationship in their lives.

The soul-bonding technique covers understanding the true nature of love, how to feel loved in and out of a relationship, when to rely on a partner and when not to, dissecting your own personality and that of anyone else’s, and so much more.

By the end of the soul-bonding technique program, students who took on an active participatory role and followed through on the work become relationship experts in their own right and can often model their relationship to become anything they wish.

Individual Counseling

While Jon’s specialty is romantic relationships, he does offer individual counseling to deal with other issues when he feels he can be of help. While some issues are too acute for Jon to deal with directly, like chronic anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, etc. there are many other issues where Jon thrives at coaching his clients in various counseling sessions. These can be as specific as parenting or dealing with family dynamics to as broad as figuring out a career path that would be meaningful and rewarding. If there are problems you are dealing with in your life that you would like an experienced coach to analyze with you, consider jumping on a free discovery call to see if Jon is the right fit.