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Today on the relationship Revival Show, I’m joined by Jordan Scott Jordan is a decision making entrepreneur and content creator. And she’s also the founder and CEO of Cobble. An app designed to help people make better faster decisions together. Jordan has been profiled in the New York Times, Forbes, Fox, good day, New York and more. Today, Jordan has raised $3.3 million in seed funding, growing cobbled to 10s of 1000s of users who have swiped millions of times on curated places and experiences in app.

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Cobble is currently launched in New York City, Los Angeles, Atlanta and Miami, while quickly expanding to new cities, optimizing decision making functionality. And more. You’re listening to the relationship revival podcast with Jon Dabach, also known as Mr. Spirituality.

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That’s me. I’m your host giving you insights and guidance from over 10 years in the field of this amazing journey we call romance on this show, I go over everything you need to know about how to get into a relationship, how to get the most out of a relationship, and sometimes even how to gracefully end a relationship without pulling your hair out and going crazy. And occasionally, I’m even joined by new and old friends who are also relationship experts to bring you guidance and wisdom with new perspectives. Thanks for stopping by. Jordan Scott, app extraordinaire, genius. How are you?

[Jordan Scott] 01:27
Oh, my God, John, my favorite intro I’ve ever got. I’m good. How are you?

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I’m good. I’m good. I’m really excited to talk about your app and kind of what went into the thought process behind it? And I said your name? Right. Right. It’s there’s no got you there’s its Jordan Scott. It’s not Jordan, Scott. Hey, or anything like

[Jordan Scott] 01:49
That? No, yeah. Jordan Scott. But I was I was saying earlier, like, it’s, it’s so funny, because my name could go either way. Male, female, whenever my husband and I are going out, and we do these takeovers on Instagram, where we like trial, the food and the drinks and whatever. And we set those up ahead of time and people without fail, go directly up to him and are like, Jordan, thank you so much for coming. He always has to say like, I’m not Jordan, and this is Jordan.

[Jon Dabach] 02:18
And you haven’t name? Nick. No, they didn’t even know his name. Okay,

[Jon Dabach] 02:23
Cut you make the booking. And then it’s just like, they just assume it’s, I get it.

[Jordan Scott] 02:26

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Okay, well, awesome. So you and Nick had, I’m sure a storied romance like a lot of people. And for someone, I’m going to take a wild stab here. For someone who created this app, maybe something went slightly off now hopefully nothing too serious. But that like, inspired you to create Cobble.

[Jordan Scott] 02:50
You know, lots of things were off. But I will actually say the original inspiration for cobble was actually a really incredible date that has been planned our first date, actually. You know, we met in a bar and took a couple attempts to get me to go on an actual date with him. But I had mentioned briefly that I liked the movie whiplash, which is that crazy? Drumming? Yeah, I

[Jon Dabach] 03:15
Don’t know if you ever saw it. But yeah, yeah, it’s fantastic. And demesnes. And yeah, and

[Jordan Scott] 03:20
Yes, yes. So when it came time to our date, he was like, he brought me to this underground Italian spa, and then surprised me afterward with like a full jazz band that I had never seen a jazz band. But because I said, I like that movie. He like got us this crazy reservation right next to the stage.

[Jordan Scott] 03:39
And I couldn’t believe not only the like thoughtfulness of that choice, but the whole, putting together of the night the like, we’ll go to this restaurant, and we’ll walk across Washington Square Park, to the jazz club. And then after the jazz club will go to this bar for a drink. And I was like, blown away.

[Jordan Scott] 03:57
And so the, you know, original idea for Cabo was very much rooted in helping people create these sort of well-constructed nights that was like, how could it be easy to do that? And out of that idea came? Well, what’s hard, above all else is actually agreeing on what you want to do and when you’re free, and all of these little things that go into making plans together. And so, cobble was born.

[Jon Dabach] 04:29
That’s cool. So I have a question for you. Why didn’t you want to go out with him the first couple of times to be asked?

[Jordan Scott] 04:36
We met in a grimy ass bar. My good girlfriend from college was the bartender she introduced us and said like this is my regular Nick and I was like, what is a regular like

[Jon Dabach] 04:47
A grimy bar. Right, exactly.

[Jordan Scott] 04:49
So I was like up but he was so charming, so charming, and I found myself just like we would be on either sides of the bar and then slowly, we just kept on coming back. Together in the middle, and then we’d separate and I’d be like, how do I get over there again? Or like, you know, I don’t know. He just was amazing. This was eight years ago now.

[Jon Dabach] 05:08
Very cool. Very cool. So when you got married? Are you married? First of all? Yes, I

[Jon Dabach] 05:18
Am. Okay,

[Jon Dabach] 05:19
So when you guys got married? Did those dates kind of continue?

[Jordan Scott] 05:24
Oh, yeah. You know, less. So now that we have a nine month old baby. But originally, yes, thank you. But yeah, actually, we did this thing that I highly recommend to anyone listening if you’re in a relationship, Wednesday, surprise. So Wednesday surprise is when you switch off one Wednesday, it’s mine the next Wednesday, it’s next. And you just have to tell the other person, what time to meet you at what address.

[Jordan Scott] 05:51
So when we lived in Brooklyn, it was like get on this subway station, get off at this station and be there by seven o’clock. And they just want to show up. And that was the best like you were excited. You were interested. And something that’s really great about Cobble is that you can actually as you go through the different ideas in the app, you can like things and when you both like the same idea you match.

[Jordan Scott] 06:15
So when it comes to making a Wednesday surprise, you actually already know what your partner likes, you’re not doing a wild guessing game of like, I’m going to just pick this and hope she likes it Axe Throwing or whatever. And what’s really fun is that sometimes you like an idea, and it’s a match, and you just would have never surfaced it to your partner because you’re like, I don’t think they’d like that. And then you were wrong. So I don’t know, I’m a big fan of Wednesday, surprised.

[Jon Dabach] 06:38
I am, too. I have I’ve never called it Wednesday surprise. But I will tell you that is one of the big things that I prescribed to clients of mine is that surprise is the mother of intimacy. Because when you’re dating, everything’s new, right? You have to learn the person’s likes their dislikes. And so everything’s a surprise, the way they talk the relationship they have with their friends, their job, their family, everything’s new.

[Jon Dabach] 07:06
And that feeling of newness, is really not newness. It’s constant surprise, you’re constantly learning. And so when you give someone flowers on Valentine’s Day, it’s expected, right? The only possible surprise is if they forget, which is disastrous, right? Or anniversary depends on your relationship.

[Jon Dabach] 07:26
But like, you can’t really you know, which is why so many men have to kind of go above and beyond because it’s like, it’s out now I got to spend $600 on flower, something stupid. But if you come home with a single flower on a Thursday, you’re a hero, you know. So it’s like that there’s, there’s that element of surprise that really kind of gives the person the feeling of I’m special.

[Jon Dabach] 07:48
And the only thing I would add, because you did it perfectly. And I want to get into how Cabo helps, because I am curious, I haven’t had as much time to play with it as I would have hoped before the interview. But what I what I would say is if you are going to do this, and this is a lesson learned from telling so many people to do this, date, and time and location, for sure. And what to wear.

[Jon Dabach] 08:10
So like. So if you’re, you know, if you’re planning a night out at a jazz bar, and maybe you’re a little bit more easygoing, but I know if I tell my wife like, hey, you know, be ready at seven. And for us, it’s always at the house, I’m taking you out, and I don’t tell her to wear an evening gown.

[Jon Dabach] 08:27
And when we’re going to like the magic castle or something. She’s going to push our plans back in our nap, you know, because she’s like, I wasn’t ready for that. Or if you’re going, we’ve done is like, hey, wear something comfortable and warm. And we’re going to be outdoors. So that kind of stuff. Yeah, so just what’s especially for women like what to wear. And for men, if you don’t want them showing up and jogging pants, then you definitely need to, like, by the way, wear a tie, you know, like

[Jordan Scott] 08:56
Very strong advice. Very strong advice. Yeah, I agree.

[Jon Dabach] 08:59
So So I love the idea. It’s kind of like it’s kind of like Tinder for, for for like date nights where you could swipe through. And then you guys see if you have matches, and then you can kind of plan from there. And you can give your partner access. Can you do it in larger groups?

[Jordan Scott] 09:20
Yes. So that was a pretty big expansion that we did recently, where now you know, you can make plans with your partner, but our users were like, I struggled to figure out what to do with my group of friends with my parents when they come into town with whatever.


[Jordan Scott] 09:35
So yes, now you can actually connect with anyone in your life. You can make specific groups in Kabul, and it sort of combines like the magic of doodle, which is figuring out when what time works for everyone, as long as well as the content of what you’re actually doing. And what’s cool about Cabo is that the more that you indicate your likes in Cabo, the more you’re sort of saying you like really nice restaurants is a really weird fun NSFW training, whatever you’re into learning the app.

[Jordan Scott] 10:05
But unlike a lot of apps, which learn their users, the difference with Cobble is that we can then start predicting what might be the best option for you and someone else, it’s not just understanding you, it’s now able to say, Well, if you like this, and they like this, and in the past, you’ve matched on this, then we can pretty confidently predict that you’ll actually match on this. And when you kind of add more and more and more people, it just gets even more exciting and valuable.

[Jon Dabach] 10:32
That’s really cool. What’s your art? You know, what do you see as the most frequent users on the app? Who are the people who use it the most is? Is it the social circles? Is it something in the context of the professional world? Or is it really couples?

[Jordan Scott] 10:48
Definitely social, I’d say, you know, you might be fighting with your partner, the most often on like, where you go and what you do, but the headache and the brain damage that comes along with like a group chat with another couple or another few couples is infinitely more annoying, more awkward. It’s like who’s going to take the lead, who’s going to say they don’t like this, who’s going to be the vegan, whatever it might be.

[Jordan Scott] 11:12
And so in that case, I think Kabal really steps up because what we have found is that in every, you know, group of people, there’s a planner, and there’s a Greer’s. And in one group, you might be the planner in your relationship, you might be the planner.

[Jordan Scott] 11:26
But in another group, you might be in a career, and you just want to very easily and quickly put in your two cents. So when you actually create a plan in Cabo, the agree ears all receive this poll of sorts where they can really quickly drop emojis, ranging from throw up face to heart, eyes, on each of the ideas. And then cobble actually tells you what the number one choices.

[Jordan Scott] 11:49
So it makes it super easy. And, and then you can make the reservation, you can buy the tickets, you can do whatever. And Cabo keeps everyone up to date as well, which is crucial. Communication is key, right? And so that’s been part of it. Basically, as soon as you Yes, exactly.

[Jordan Scott] 12:07
As soon as you respond to the poll, you add in your email or your phone number, if you don’t already have a cobble account. If you’re already connected in Cabo, you’re golden. But then yeah, it’ll remind you when it’s upcoming, it’ll let you know if somebody changes the reservation or changes the plan. It will tell you who is going who’s involved in the plan. So there’s a lot that’s just sort of like how do we make this as, you know, simple to go from A to Z as possible and not have 1000 different side conversations and just keeping everybody connected?

[Jon Dabach] 12:39
And is it like once the night or the activity starts? That’s when Cabo kind of bows out and you guys are good, or is there like communication that happens throughout the event?

[Jordan Scott] 12:50
No, yeah, I mean, at this point, no, it’s definitely on the roadmap to see like, what else can we do? You know, like a really fun idea that someone surfaced the other day was, so you all agreed on this restaurant, you’re at the restaurant, you’re having a good time, you’re feeling good, why shouldn’t cobble at that point, chime in and say there’s a bar right around the corner, if like you’re feeling a nightcap moment, or whatever it might be, like, how do I continue to add value as the as the night goes on?

[Jordan Scott] 13:16
But what we’re doing now, that sort of takes that information to account, it’s like, after the experience passes, everyone is asked, would you do this again? Yes or no? Because it’s as simple as that. I don’t need a five star rating system like, it’s would you do this together or not? And so based on that information, again, we can continue to get smarter in terms of what we recommend.

[Jon Dabach] 13:39
That’s really clever. And how long have you guys been working? Or I should when was it born? How long ago? Did you start this huge journey? Because I’ve been in the startup world, and it is it’s a long journey.

[Jordan Scott] 13:52
It is thank you for calling that out, John, because it’s it is an hourly struggle. But, you know, we, we launched June of 2020. So we actually were all prepped for a bagel spring launch, waiting for you know, New York when New York starts heating up, your everybody goes out and it’s like, oh, let’s launch them. And of course, with COVID hitting in March, we sort of said let’s take a step back, we actually expanded our content, beyond events and restaurants and, and really pivoted to what can couples do at home?

[Jordan Scott] 14:26
What can users Cook, watch and order in from and so we aggregated all of that content and we launched with everything so by June, we were ready to launch stay at home go out so people were beginning to look at even the going out content even though everything wasn’t open, but they could start planning ahead and it ended up being pretty solid. We were able to raise our seed round that October based on that launch. And now this year, we are raising our Series A

[Jon Dabach] 14:55
Awesome Are you do you want to share your financial goals or is that’s something that’s like, not cool for the podcast for your studio. I

[Jordan Scott] 15:04
Mean, you know, I’ll say that we are raising over 10 million to launch in 24 cities this year and hit 7 million users over the next three years. And, you know, we’re looking for really great partners to join us and to help us grow and help us hire the right folks. So yeah, if anybody listening is like, I could be into this, you know, hit me up.

[Jon Dabach] 15:27
Yeah, it sounds like a fun. I mean, if nothing else, just a fun, fun kind of company to be part of, for sure. It’s

[Jordan Scott] 15:34
A fun problem to solve. It’s a stressful problem, especially if, you know, in my own relationship, right, like, this is so in our real life, right? Like, I can’t not deal with this thing that we’re solving on a daily basis. You know, I sometimes jealous of founders who are working on like, some kind of scientific, you know, medical device, and then they can go home and go out to dinner and be like, who, and for me, it’s, you know, it never goes away.

[Jon Dabach] 16:03
I hear you, speaking of that, and then now that you now that you’re like, knee deep in the Founder World, you know, what, and a lot of people who who listen to podcasts I find are entrepreneurial, and spirit, you know, what is some advice you have for people to stay motivated? Especially when, you know, you face so many challenges between hiring and tech and fundraising and balancing that with a nine month old baby? What are what are your kind of go twos for staying excited, and on the ball?

[Jordan Scott] 16:42
Honestly, I’ve always known that I’m extremely passionate about solving this issue. And I’m really, really inspired about being a sort of first mover in the decision tech space, as we’re, you know, calling it, but to be just completely honest, like, you are going to have days and maybe even weeks where you’re feeling really unmotivated. And to me, like the only thing that helps, is a understanding that it’s going to pass and like you’re going to, you’re going to feel out of that funk eventually.

[Jordan Scott] 17:18
And be you know, the two the two ways actually that I always feel like it helps me tackle stress is sitting down and setting a timer for 20 minutes to address the thing that I know is giving me stress, because it is a thing that I know it’s a work thing, it’s a it’s a conversation I have to have with someone that’s uncomfortable, it’s whatever, addressing that for 20 minutes, and putting a little dent in it that that helps. And then exercise like that those two things are always going to somehow shift your vibe, and hopefully make an impact. But honestly, Time, time heals all wounds, especially as a kid your startup stay alive in the amount of time that it takes to figure it out. That’s the question.

[Jon Dabach] 18:03
Okay. So if you had to if you had to rank it, because it sounds like you are juggling a lot in terms of priorities. There’s work there sleep family, and you mentioned exercise, so I’ll throw fitness in there and even friends. And let’s say you had to pick three, you know, like each day, like how do you prioritize?

[Jon Dabach] 18:23
Nobody can do all five in a day. I know there are some days where my family just doesn’t exist. They just, I wake up, I say goodbye to the kids by like 630 in the morning, and I don’t you know, like if I go to get his kiss him goodnight, they’re already sleeping. It’s a little dangerous. I got to like, how do I do this without waking him up. So I have four. So it’s a different than just

[Jordan Scott] 18:47
That is incredible. I’m kind of that’s kind of the dream, although I had one and she’s weirdly easy. So I think it’s been very misleading. And I’m a little worried now. But

[Jon Dabach] 18:56
That’s the’s the universe’s way to trick you into having another one quickly.

[Jordan Scott] 19:01
Yeah, exactly.

[Jordan Scott] 19:06
Exactly. But no, I mean, that’s the eternal thing. Right? I definitely read about that, where it’s like, you can only get three to five a day. And on a normal weekday, I’d say a perfect one is work, fitness family. Those are good. But you know, sleep and friends, you really do need to get those in there.

[Jordan Scott] 19:29
And for me, that’s the weekends and definitely occasionally a weekday like it. I’m always going to feel not right and not myself. If on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday work was not one of those things. But I do find that sometimes you know, you really need to say to yourself like work isn’t one of them today.

[Jordan Scott] 19:50
That’s full stop. It’s not one of them. So if it’s not one of them, what else is there and like, Don’t and don’t feel bad. Don’t feel guilty about active Are we going in pursuit of those other things? Yeah, I’m

[Jon Dabach] 20:03
actually I won’t ever I see people, it happened more before COVID, where people had to, in larger companies write emails, in the C suite, even saying like, hey, I need to take a mental health day, I thought that was it was really nice to set a tone for people like, Hey, this is important.

[Jon Dabach] 20:23
And also happier and healthier, people just perform better, they’re more effective. So once in a while to like, check out like that for sure. Like you said, one of them once in a while, it’s not going to be worth once in a while, it won’t be your relationship. Being able to articulate that and being confident enough to say that is, is huge.

[Jordan Scott] 20:41
Well, you bring up a point to which is like, it is shocking to me that how much of like, what energy I put out, and what I do and show trickles down to the rest of the team. You know, like, even if, you know, I am not feeling myself or not feeling 100% like that really, really does have an impact.


[Jordan Scott] 21:04
And it’s not to say like, Oh, I just need to put on a fake mask. You know, whenever I’m feeling that way. It’s that doesn’t work. That’s worse, actually. Because that also comes across. But, you know, for example, a person on my team was putting out a total fire on a weekend one day and ended up having to put like four hours in to address this problem.

[Jordan Scott] 21:22
And I slacked him and I said, like, you are taking Friday off, like, you’re definitely not working this Friday, because of what happened this weekend. So go enjoy it plan for it set up a three day weekend, you know, it’s so crucial that we win just like, good, good job, like, you know, but let’s get back to work like normal. Like I don’t know, I certainly that’s what I would want and appreciate. So I tried to put that out to my team, too.

[Jon Dabach] 21:49
And how spread out is your team? I mean, are you developed? Are you working with offshore near shore developers? And then you have your mean, what’s what kind of the situation right now is.

[Jordan Scott] 22:01
Everyone that works on Cobble is full time very embedded. We are all over the world. We are lead engineers in Paris. Another one of our engineers was always in Brooklyn with me, but actually is spending a year traveling all over the world. He’s in Thailand right now. Becoming a nomad, digital nomad, so great for him. But yeah, Chicago, LA London, when we started this company, it was it was in the middle of a pandemic, I could hire talent from anywhere. And we sort of kept that up.

[Jon Dabach] 22:35
Yeah, I think that’s the new model. Nobody wants to take the overhead of a big office anymore. And it’s people get just as much done if as long as long as you know how to motivate them and kind of keep things in check.

[Jordan Scott] 22:47
And I will say one thing that we do is called Camp Cabo, where once maybe twice a year, we all fly to the same city. And we spend a week working together. And that feels really good. And gets everyone very close for the week. And of course, we use cobble every single night for where we’re going to dinner and what we’re doing, and it feels good to test the product. And yeah, it’s so it’s important.

[Jordan Scott] 23:10
And I personally, like I’d go into the city two days a week to work because I need that life, it makes me appreciate working from home, or it makes me appreciate working at the office more. And you know, I encourage my team to find that in their respective cities as well.

[Jon Dabach] 23:27
That’s great. That’s great. Let’s say you can go back in time, and talk to Jordan from 2020. Before she launches, this amazing adventure, what are you going to warn her about? And what advice would you give her?


[Jordan Scott] 23:50
I would, I would probably tell her that even though you’re about to raise $3 million, it’s not the end, you didn’t raise that crazy amount of money, which sounded like all the money in the world and just be set for life. It’s, it’s a consistent, and you know, iteration on product.

[Jordan Scott] 24:12
It’s a consistent iteration on like, how you raise money. It’s nothing is nothing is done. I think that was the the I kind of knew that. But at the same time, I didn’t know that, you know, like, you never finish your product. It’s always iterating growing, changing, pivoting. And you know, that’s true for me. That’s true for Twitter, you know, so it’s like, why wouldn’t think that that was, you know, going to be my life. I don’t know why but it definitely keeps things interesting.

[Jon Dabach] 24:43
So you had this finish line in your head and it never really came?

[Jordan Scott] 24:47
When did you raise the money? Um, does. I did it when did

[Jon Dabach] 24:53
Yeah, when did you have to kind of realize like, when did that happen? Well, you’re like, oh, wait a second. Like Yeah.

[Jordan Scott] 25:01
Just when like, you know, you your expectations of some sort of performance with the product is not what you thought it would be. And therefore, new decisions had to be made, like everyone, I think this is really interesting. Like, everyone has a great idea for a product, or for a company or whatever. But even their great idea is nothing to what it will ultimately become, you know, if you do it, if you execute it, it takes on so many different new forms, and you know, it’s perfect in your head.

[Jordan Scott] 25:33
But once you put it out there, and you give it to people, and you put it in the hands of people, like, that’s where you have a real sort of eye opening experience, but it’s also the biggest opportunity of all, you actually then have a starting point to continue building for for someone and yeah, that’s why you should just go start it, do it, launch the Instagram page, do whatever you need to it’s like a minimum viable product.

[Jon Dabach] 25:56
Right? Yeah, we talked about that in counseling a lot, too. It’s like, you have to neurologically program yourself to not be in, in in awe or chasing the goal. It’s the process. And actually being addicted to the process appreciating that once you get there, then life gets really exciting.

[Jon Dabach] 26:19
So because when you get married, you have this vision of okay wife, three kids, a house picket fence, or condo high rise in the city, or whatever it is. And then you realize, like, goals change, things change. And, yeah, I mean, you know, sometimes you get all the money and everything you need to buy that house and realize I don’t want it anymore. And that’s totally okay. So yeah, for sure. I think that’s a great lesson that that you kind of stumbled into on your, you know, Rise of the app world.

[Jordan Scott] 26:49
Yeah, yeah, it’s so true. And just surrounding yourself with, with people you like, I think is also pretty crucial. You know, you’re now when I hire folks that I’m interviewing people, for specific roles, I really, really try to ask myself, like, would I want to be on a call with them? You know, five hours a week? Would I would I love sitting across from them and talking to them and going back and forth? And it’s like, they could have the craziest experience in the world? And but that you got to say yes to before you, you know, bring someone on. And that was

[Jon Dabach] 27:24
When I got daily stand ups with different team? Is that what your life looks like? Where you’re where you’re on Slack? 24/7, and you’re doing zooms the rest of the time? What’s your life look like?

[Jordan Scott] 27:34
Yeah, yeah, you you’ve got it there. I definitely have tried to minimize meetings, that’s definitely been feedback that I’ve gotten. And I’ve actually started removing myself from like, our daily product stand up, you know, I was in that for the first year, two years of the company and was like, Wait, I don’t need to be in this. And I think everyone would be happier if I wasn’t in this. So I’m coming out of this.

[Jordan Scott] 28:00
And that was great. You know, that freed up my time that gave the team even more agency over what was going on with the product. And I’ve sort of tried to apply that with all of the teams that cobble but I have one on ones with the executive team each week. And those conversations we really try to keep keep casual and comfortable and really connect human to human before we start diving into business and work.

[Jordan Scott] 28:27
And so I think that’s important too. And a new hire who is probably going to listen to this interview. So I’m calling him out. But he runs growth at Cobble. And he just actually did an incredible job putting together a new all hands meeting, which happens every other week.

[Jordan Scott] 28:43
And it’s the coolest deck. It’s the most exciting deck. Its keeps everybody connected, whether they’re in the content side, or the product side or the growth side. And it’s something I very much look forward to so you never know who you’re going to bring on. That’s like, I think this new process would just be good for the company as a whole and they sort of excite you. They go out of their

[Jon Dabach] 29:01
Lane a little bit around. Yeah, for sure. Awesome. I love that. That’s great. That sounds like a cool hire. Congrats.

[Jordan Scott] 29:08
Well, fantastic.

[Jon Dabach] 29:10
I’m sure people can find cobble on the App Store and on anywhere else, they can get their apps right. Is there anything else that you want to point them to? Yeah, I

[Jordan Scott] 29:19
Mean, you’ll find us on Instagram On tick tock at try Cobble. Our website is trichology calm and yes, you can get us on the App Store. We are not on Android yet very specifically, you know, waiting for the product to be in a place where we want to build it on Android but appstore definitely New York, LA Atlanta, Miami,

[Jon Dabach] 29:40
New York, LA Atlanta, Miami, get an iPhone and get very cold try. Cobble are the social handles. Thank you so much for being here. Jordan. It was it was a real joy to learn about your app and sounds like a lot of fun and it’s going to help a lot lucky people so I applaud you for it. If you’re interested in learning how to get the absolute most out of your romantic relationships then you’re in luck because I have put together a free workshop or masterclass if you will about three secrets that people in happy relationships have discovered.

[Jon Dabach] 30:18
You can view the workshop at Mr. spirituality.com/three secrets again, it’s completely free. Just go there and watch it. It’ll help you on your journey. Give you some wisdom. Some things to think about. The website again is mrspirituality.com/three secrets. That’s mrspirituality.com/the. Number three, the word secrets. It’s all yours. Enjoy.


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